The Dying Speak

Somehow, people often sense their moment of death. They have things they want to say if we would but listen. Sadly too many of us are in that position today.

Look at Jesus’ situation in Luke chapter 22.

Jesus says:

1-I will suffer. (15)

2-This is my last Passover here. (16-20)

3-My body will be bleeding and broken. (19-20)

4- There is a traitor among us. (21-22)

5- I came to serve. (27)

6- Thanks for your loyalty. (28)

7- I have a reward for you. (29-30)

8- Here is the warning for all of you, and especially you, Peter. (31)

9-I’ve done my best for you. (32)

10- I’ve provided for you. (35)

What do the disciples do in these precious few last moments?  They deny that they are traitors and then quarrel over which of them is more important! In fact they missed Christ’s final words.

When my husband got the final diagnosis, he asked “What do we do now?” I told him that in the Old Testament, people called their family together and blessed each one with their final words.

That’s exactly what Ron did. One by one he gave them his blessing. To this day, I don’t know what he said to the individuals, but he said to them all, “Take care of Mum.”

Listen to the dying soul. It is not the time for past hurts or disagreements.

Prayer- Lord, help us not to force our own agenda on those who only have a few moments.

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