The Facts of Life

During the fifteenth century under Turkish law, it is said that women whose husbands did not supply them with enough coffee, could use that as grounds for divorce! (Pardon the pun!) 

Now that sounds like foolishness today but our culture allows even sillier excuses. Try these on for size.

  1. We are of different faiths. (You didn’t know that before?)
  2. Our families don’t support us. (It’s not about family, it’s about you and your spouse. Grow up!)
  3. Weight or health problems. (That for better or worse thing in your vows meant nothing?)
  4. Abuse. (Leave the first time. Demand counselling and accountability before you return)
  5. Substance abuse. (See number 4)
  6. Financial problems. (real issue is something deeper. See number 4!)
  7. Too young. (Well you are older than when you got married, so get it together.)
  8. Arguing. (It talks two, friends. If one of you refuses the other argues alone!)
  9. Infidelity.  (No excuse for a partner to do this. But use common sense first. (See number 4!)
  10. Lack of Commitment. The biggest divorce reason is that neither of you know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. When you are committed to him, it is easier to love your partner.

Personally, I think it would help the marriage/divorce rate if you first spent 2-3 hours in traffic, dead stopped, with no water, bathroom or snacks. Real selves get exposed under conditions like that.

Marriage is to be held in honor among all. (Hebrews 13:4a, NASB)

Prayer- Lord, let our marriages thrive in Christ. Give us the courage to aim for that as our goal. Amen.

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