The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi

Do You Know What You Think You Know?

The Rock, The Road and the Rabbi by Kathie Lee Gifford (with Rabbi Jason Sobel) made me see that I do not know what I thought I knew.

As Ms Gifford states in her book,’ the Bible was written by Middle Easterners for Middle Easterners. But we try to understand it with a Western mindset. We try to apply our own principles and our Western understanding to a culture that is completely foreign to us.’(Page 8)

She then goes on to point out our misinterpretations while Rabbi Sobel, a messianic Jew, explains the true meanings.

Why did David chose five smooth stones, Abraham get a name change and what is the real meaning of Psalm 23?

Why were kings and shepherds able to find the Baby Jesus, while King Herod could not? And why did King Herod pour cement 120 feet into the Mediterranean Sea?

What made the shepherds so special? Where was Jesus really born and does the swaddling matter? Was Jesus really a carpenter?

Do numbers matter? Why exactly did the disciples catch exactly 153 fish? Why did Jesus turn six stone pots of water into wine? How is the giving of the 10 commandments tied into the story of the woman caught in adultery?

Is Peter really ‘the rock’ we have been led to believe? How does Jesus’ DNA matter to a blind man? Understand why ‘these very stones will cry out’ are not your garden variety pebbles.
And how big a plant does a mustard seed really produce?

What did Christ’s crown of thorns really mean? Is there actually life in the Dead Sea?

The answers will surprise you. I don’t want to spoil your delight by telling you here. I am keeping this book close to me as I write and speak for Christ. When I teach the Gospel, I want to get it right.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32, KJV)

Prayer- Father God, forgive us for making assumptions about your word, based on our own experiences and not your truth. Amen.

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