The Unlikely Chosen

Three women play key roles in the Nativity. They were all unlikely prospects, yet God chose them above all others available.

Elizabeth was old, childless, but in a settled life with her husband. Mary was engaged, suddenly pregnant and the subject of much gossip. Anna was a widow who gave up whatever life she had left to serve in the temple and pray.

Elizabeth isn’t even mentioned at first. It’s her husband who hits the lime light. (Luke 1:1-12) we get his full pedigree but all we learn of Elizabeth is that she too was descended from Aaron!

Her name means God’s promise. Elizabeth must have lost heart over the years. She had no children. Only her faith in God kept her holding her head up and doing life the best she could. And then? God drops a miracle into their laps. After years of gossiping neighbours and whispered innuendo, God promises her husband a pregnancy, inspite of their age!

I expect all appearing angels have to first calm their viewer with these words. “Be not afraid!”

Wouldn’t you be afraid if a big, glistening snow white being showed up to you?

And the angel said… Your prayer has been answered! (Luke 1:13) Do you notice that those multiple prayers over the years are reduced to only one prayer? Your PRAYER has been answered.  “Your wife Elizabeth will bear a son and you will call his name John (the Lord is 


What do you do when somehow the Lord gives you a message? It may not be by angel, but God sometimes calls us to do what seems to be the impossible.

What will you do? What did you do?

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