Dare To Dream Of Winning The Big Game

Some people say dreams are just the way your mind sorts out stuff. However, occasionally, dreams can reveal a lot about what a person wants to do or needs to do.

I dreamed it was present day, I’m at a church retreat and we’re going to play a game of soccer. Everyone was divided into two teams God's and Satan's. It was supposed to be divided evenly, but I was on God's team and most of my teammates were physically weak or frail, some were even in wheel chairs. Everytime the ball came to me I could only kick it a short distance. Satan's team all looked big and scary like football players. Some of the people on Satan's team were people from my past that I knew were not saved.

Halfway through the game, we were losing badly. God's team 25, Satan's 50. The first one to 100 wins. If God wins, everyone goes to Heaven. If Satan wins, he gets to beat up God's team and do as he wishes. I'm standing on the sidelines watching it all and realize, Satan's team is going to try and go for a goal and there’s no one protecting the goal at God’s end. I yell at my team, “Hey, I need as many of Heaven's team members down at this end of the field. Members from each team run for the goal. And, just as they reach it, I see one of Satan's men throw the ball right into the net like a baseball. Satan's team yells victorious. as another point is scored. I see my pastor on the sidelines, and it dawns on me,. “This is soccer! You don't use your hands in soccer!!”  I yell at him,” That's not right. You know that's not right. Call a foul. You know the right thing to do. Who's team are you on?” He smiles at me as to remind me this is just a game and it's OK.

But I know this is no game. This is serious, and I take him by the shoulders and look him right in the eye and tell him. “You know what to do. You know the right thing. All you got to do is say, I LOVE JESUS, I BELIEVE IN JESUS. All you got to do is say, I LOVE JESUS, I BELIEVE IN JESUS.”

He smiles at me then and now takes me by the shoulders and we start to walk towards heaven's goal and he says, ” I never thought… your dad and I never thought we would here those kind of words, witnessing coming from you.” I begin to tear up and I start to tell him, ” My dad died one week, no three weeks ago.”

The next thing I know it's the end of the game and Satan's team has won, and here they come to beat us up. The guy that's coming after me looks like a cross between a football player and Damien from the “Omen” movies. I tell him, ” You can't touch me. You can't have me!” He says, ” Why not?!” and I tell him, “because I am a child of God's. I belong to the Father, the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Jehovah God, Adonai. You can hurt me, you can even try to kill me, but I'm not going to die.” Again, he asked me, ” Why Not?” and I tell him, ” Because when I do I'm taking most of your team with me.to Heaven.”

I’m awaken, and I know it’s time to go to work.

Be bold in your faith!

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