The Defender’s Guide for Life’s Toughest Questions

It's tough to be a believer in today's world-especially is you are a student in an academic system intent on destroying your faith. Bestselling author Ray Comfort has collected some of the toughest questions people will face in defending their faith and offers sound biblical responses. Each issue is one that has been raised by genuine atheists. Don't be without these powerful truths when you face a world trying to twist and confuse biblical truth.

The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions
by Ray Comfort
176 pages (paperback)
New Leaf Publishing Group
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Among the questions Comfort addresses in The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions:

Any Christians out there want to take on why the Bible has such a low opinion of women?

The Bible highly esteems women. Take the time to read the Book of Ruth or the Book of Esther or other parts of the Old Testament where women are portrayed as heroes. (Complete answer on page 18)

What is wrong with using “filthy language”?

Every thing that violates the spirit of God's love is morally wrong (see Romans 7:14). That includes what the Bible calls “filthy language” (see Colossians 3:8). (Complete answer on pages 20-21)

Do you really believe that the Holocaust was God's punishment of the Jews?

I would never say that God used Hitler to punish the Jews. If God treated any of us justly and punished us according to our sins, we would all be in Hell in an instant. (Complete answer on page 16)

Ray Comfort is the best-selling author of more than 70 books, including The Evidence Bible (2002 Gold Medallion Book Awards finalist). He is the co-host of an award-winning television program (with actor Kirk Cameron), blogs daily to hundreds of atheists at “Atheist Central,” and has debated atheistic evolution on ABC’s Nightline, as well as the BBC. His Atheist Test booklet has sold more than one million copies. Previous titles of Ray’s have ranked number #1 in various sales categories on including: apologetics, spirituality, atheism, and Christianity. He lives with his wife, Sue, in Southern California where they have three grown children.

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