The Hard Bits

Luke 22:41,42-He withdrew from them about a stones throw, and  knelt down and began to pray, saying, Father, if Thou are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Thine be done (NASB).

My friend gave me a magazine to read with the understanding that I should pass it on to someone else. The first thing I do with my own magazines is to rip out all the hard cardboard bits and throw them away. I never look to see what they want or offer. I just get rid of them so that I can fold pages neatly and read without struggling to find page numbers.

I tried to keep the magazine intact. I really did. But those hard cardboard bits, ads, order forms, and perfume samples just drove me crazy. In no time, they were history.

Then, as I still held them in my hand, I sensed God saying, “You have to do the hard bits.”I stopped dead in my tracks, suddenly realizing why I have struggled with victory in some areas of my life. I refused to do the hard bits. We all have them. They include people we should confront, children who should be disciplined, and bad habits to stop. We pray repeatedly, begging God to deliver us, to change them, to take away our need for discipline.

Jesus prayed about His hard bit too, but the difference is that He went ahead and did it. Where would we be if He had not?

Prayer: Lord God, our hard bits are not all the same but our response should be. Help us do them so that we walk in victory. Amen.

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