’The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry’

Looking for a good movie to watch with the family? Back in May, Five & Two pictures released “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.” Set in the summer of 1970, three 12-year-old boys experience a summer like no other after meeting 75-year-old Jonathan Sperry. This movie will inspire you to get busy and share Jesus.

Why is that so important? Why is it so important to share Jesus with others? Because Jesus is life. He brings hope. He brings love. He brings comfort and security in an insecure world. Jesus brings salvation. Jesus is salvation.

Do you have doubts? Are you going through trials and tribulations? Does your life seem lonely, incomplete and without hope? Walk on the water. In other words, take a step of faith.

One way you can take a step of faith is to read your Bible regularly. The Bible says that “all scripture is God breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). If you do not own a Bible, there are many resources on the web which provide several translations of the Bible free online. You can start by reading the book of John. The Gospel of John is one of the simplest accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry, philosophy and teachings. It’s a great place to start reading the Bible on a daily basis. Get in the habit of reading a little of the Bible each day. It will change the way you look at life. It will change you.

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