Use a Roadmap to Plan Your Career

A career roadmap is used to find the best direction to take to achieve career objectives. It helps you plan your course of action, stay on track, overcome barriers, and celebrate successes. With a career roadmap you can identify what is needed to increase personal expertise in a particular work-related area. Follow these guidelines to develop a practical and effective career roadmap.

Assess Your Current Effectiveness

Consider what you need to know to be more effective where you are currently in your career and what would increase your personal awareness of current career opportunities.

Select a Career Goal

Select a goal that will bring you closer to your preferred career option, and which can be achieved in 90 days. If you do not believe that your goal can be accomplished within that time frame, break it down into smaller pieces.

Describe Desired Career Outcomes and Actions

For maximum effect, your career roadmap should be well planned with detailed action steps and target completion dates. Describe or list your desired outcomes. How will you know when you have achieved your career goal? What will you be able to do differently in the future? Brainstorm all the actions you could take to help you achieve your goal. Record these actions in chronological order and assign each action step a target completion date.

Anticipate Barriers and Pinpoint Improvements

Pinpoint the changes & improvements you wish to make in your career, and the actions you will take to ensure an interesting, challenging and rewarding career that uses your best strengths and natural talents. Identify and anticipate the barriers you must overcome to achieve your career goal.

List Available Resources

List all of the resources available to assist you in achieving your goal. These resources might include key people with the necessary expertise, additional training, networking or other items. Select several people with whom you can partner to achieve your goal, give you advice and discuss your progress.

Pray Over Your Roadmap

Pray as you develop each step of your career roadmap, and pray again once it is finished. Ask God to give you a long-term perspective about your career and a clearer understanding of the plans He has for you (Jeremiah 29:11). Completing the steps of your roadmap will require commitment, purpose and binding yourself to a fixed course of action. Pray about the decisions or activities that will help you to be more effective a year from now than you are today.



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