When the Thrill is Gone

My aunt was helping me select an outfit to wear to a friend’s wedding. She picked out a beautiful dress trimmed with real fur (and a real fur price tag!)

I cried, “Auntie, I can’t look better than the bride!”

She responded with “Who cares! Next week, she’ll be scrubbing floors!”

Yes, the honeymoon is over fast, unless both spouses work to keep it alive. Here’s some advice:

Know when to zip your lip. Always be polite-especially to your spouse. Never cry alone. Share your tears and your joy. Choose your spouse over your extended family and even your kids. Follow your life dreams together. Never throw your garbage where your love lies.

Most of all, base your life on what Christ would want for you as a couple.

Prayer – Father, thanks for our marriages and what you are doing through them. Amen

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