White House faith-based initatives head pledges Darfur support

On Friday, representatives from faith communities nationwide met with Joshua DuBois, Director of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, to discuss the ongoing violence in Sudan. The leaders are members of the Interfaith Sudan Working Group, a coalition of faith-based organizations working for lasting peace in Sudan. During the meeting DuBois said Sudan is important to President Obama and that faith groups play an important role in drawing attention to the ongoing tragedy there. The faith leaders asked Rev. DuBois to convey their message to Obama that Sudan should be a priority for his administration. The group also asked administration officials to incorporate policy recommendations from the Interfaith Sudan Working Group when they convene regular meetings prior to the 2010 Sudanese elections and 2011 referendum. Violence against women, which has been reported in staggering numbers recently, was also an area of concern for the faith leaders. AME Pastor and Co-Founder of My Sister’s Keeper Reverend Gloria White-Hammond articulated that “the impact of gender-based violence lasts long after the assault and effects the entire fabric of the society.” Bishop David Jones from the Episcopal Church in Virginia added, “When the U.S. pays attention, the government of Sudan responds. We need the U.S. to take an interest.” To view the complete letter submitted to the President, please visit: http://www.scribd.com/doc/20491444/Clergy-Letter-for-Moved-by-Faith.

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