Why Passover?

Take this opportunity to attend a Seder Night dinner. Hear the whole story and partake of foods meant to remind us of the Passover and the Passover Lamb. You see, Christ is our Passover Lamb, the one whose blood saves us from death, the one who gives us eternal life.

After you have entered the country promised to you by the Lord, you and your children must continue to celebrate Passover each year. Your children will ask you, “What are we celebrating?” And you will answer, “The Passover animal is killed to honor the Lord. We do these things because on that night long ago the Lord passed over the homes of our people in Egypt. He killed the first-born sons of the Egyptians, but he saved our children from death.” (Exodus 12:24-27a, CEV)

Prayer – Father God, thank you again and again, for giving your Son, Jesus to die on the cross for us. Amen

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