Wiggly Ears

Can you wiggle your ears? No, me neither. But my great-grandpa did, my Dad could, and now my grandson Dan does as well. It’s a family trait that we love. We are proud of those ears, but lots of other things run in our family too; some of them not so nice. We don’t brag on those.

What strange things run in your family? I expect you have your own untolds.

Even though we don’t tell others about our bad stuff, hopefully we work to correct them. That’s why God gives his children the gift of the Holy Spirit. With his help, we can be better than our ancestors.

Jesus’ ancestor is traced forward through to Joseph in Matthew chapter one, and from Jesus himself, back to his beginnings, in Luke chapter three.

The folks listed between beginnings and endings were not always what they should be, but hopefully, each generation was better than its last. What are you doing so that your children will be better than you were? Oh, not in fame and fortune, but in knowing Christ as their personal Savour and living for him in every way of life?

Therefore you shall lay up these My words… And you shall teach them to your children. (From Deuteronomy 11:18-19, AMP)

Prayer – Father God, show us where we’ve let our children down and help us to rectify the situation. Amen

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