William Temple

Sometimes, our truth only comes out after death. This is William Temple according to those who knew him.

Temple’s death was followed by tributes like this. “Dr. Temple was a great power for good. Israel has lost a true friend and humanity a valiant champion.”

President Roosevelt wrote: “He exerted a profound influence throughout the world.”

Bishop George Bell wrote: His influence in the field of social justice, on the Christian Church as a whole, and in international relations, was of a kind difficult to find in the history of England.

This is a prayer by William Temple.

Grant, O Lord, that as the years change,

I may find rest in your eternal changelessness.

May I meet this new year bravely,

secure in the faith that,

while we come and go,

and life changes around us,

You are always the same,

guiding us with your wisdom,

and protecting us with your love. Amen.

William Temple (1881-1944)

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