Win a Signed Copy of ’YouTruth’ Devotionals

Everyday Christian and author Dan Buckhout are giving away a signed copy of this week's featured Christian book, YouTruth: A Collection of Go Deeper Devotionals That Express God's Truth for You.

YouTruth is collection of devotional readings that express God's desire for an ever-growing, ever-deepening relationship with you and the lengths that He has gone to ensure its possibility.

Dan, a regular contributor to Everyday Christian, is a lover of Jesus and founder of YouTruth Ministries. He encountered God’s amazing and personally relevant truth during six years as a Bible student and study leader of the DISCIPLE Bible study series at his church. He founded YouTruth as a writing ministry two years ago in response to God’s call to share His powerful, intimate truth with others, and provide the means and encouragement for them to do the same. The author lives in Texas with his wife of 19 years and their two sons.

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