World Gospel Mission blog discusses polytheism

Christian missionaries worldwide often encounter cultures where polytheism–the worship of multiple gods–is prevalent. A new forum has opened for discussion over the challenges and differences of mission work in polytheistic cultures as opposed to monotheistic cultures where only one god is worshiped. The blog is hosted by Marion, Ind.-based World Gospel Mission (WGM), which sends missionaries out worldwide to a wide variety of cultures. “We want to help people think about some of the deeper issues of missions,” said Tim Rickel, WGM vice president of development. “This one–whether people who believe in one god or in many gods affects evangelism–can have a huge impact on the way we share Jesus with them. “So what does this mean for the average Christian? Well, it’s a global world we live in. I think it’s good for the church to think through these issues, because you never know when you might be able to talk to a Hindu or a Muslim about Jesus.” The blog is titled “Unsolved Mysteries in Missions.” Links: Unsolved Mysteries in Missions: World Gospel Mission:

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