World Gospel Mission seeks increased food aid for Kenya

World Gospel Mission (WGM) is seeking assistance to stem a growing food crisis in Kenya. The combination of political unrest, poor harvests and insufficient rain has made it difficult for Kenyans to be properly nourished. According to WGM Vice President of Development Tim Rickel, about a third of Kenyans are undernourished. “WGM’s missionaries and Kenyan partners are ready to help,” says Rickel. “They just need more food to give away. Fifty-pound bags of corn cost $50 each and will keep whole families from starving.” WGM has been serving in Kenya since 1932 and partners with Africa Gospel Church, an indigenous Kenyan denomination of churches. These churches are often used as staging areas for distributing aid. “It’s sending a powerful message that the church is concerned about feeding a person’s body and soul,” says Rickel. Link: World Gospel Mission:

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