Worship the Super Hero

There seems to be a superhero worship of unreal characters. I hate to break it to you but Superman, Batman and the Hulk are not real folks. They are fun to watch but don’t expect them to come flying to your aid like they do in the movies. Nope you are on your own!

Instead, let me speak of the real live hero who changed my life and captured my heart. He demanded my full attention and loyalty, but at first I wasn’t sure I wanted that type of commitment.  When you are as rebellious as I am, it’s hard to put yourself in second place. Still, I learned that if I was willing to obey, the outcome always favoured me. I found him to be loyal, loving and kind. His wisdom transcended mine.  

Because of his strength and support, I conquered childhood abuse and its resulting bulimia. I made it through two bouts of cancer and widowhood.  Right now, I’m learning to trust him as I cope with more of life’s current craziness. You see, all that I am, I owe to Jesus Christ, the son of God, my super hero, in all of my life’s circumstances.

“Take a long, hard look. See how great he is—infinite, greater than anything you could ever imagine or figure out! (Job 36:26, MSG)

Prayer- Lord, forgive our hero worship of the wrong kind over the wrong ‘people’ and things. Thanks for bringing us to our senses. Amen.

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