You – That’s Who

We act like others steal our time but generally we give it away in little bits and pieces. Further more, we choose time wasters because we like them.

Facebook gets a bad rap on most lists as the worst time-waster ever, but Facebook is nothing on its own. It needs someone to sign on and hang around on its pages.

Keeping ourselves looking good does take some time, but not hours; yet we make it so. We even pay more for the privilege at spas, hair and nail salons that take longer to make us spiffy.

Exercise does not need to take a half hour ride to the gym, an hour of exercise and coffee with friends. Simply moving ourselves in ten minute increments three times a day will do.

So you play games on the computer. Whether it’s old-fashioned card games or a newly devised gaming event, we signed on. We pushed the button to play. TV falls into the same category. Who turned it on? Who sat there to watch it? You – that’s who!

How will you spend your energy, time and strength? Only you can decide.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: (Ecclesiastes 3:1a, NIV)

Prayer – Lord we know we waste our time. Help us to get our priorities straight. Amen

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