Song of Songs 5:16bThis is my beloved, this is my friend. (KJV)

When I became a Christian, God began to meet me in the most amazing ways, but deep in my heart, I believed He did it for the other people involved.

To myself, I remained Poor Little Less Than, even though I’d asked Jesus into my life and He had died on the cross and rose from the dead for me. Yes, I would go to Heaven. I believed God’s promises for others, but I afraid to accept them for myself.

I condemned myself to failure. I wondered what folks would say if they knew the real me. When people didn’t hurt me, I took on the job of hurting myself. My self-sacrificing life choices were only another way of prolonging my pain. I rejected myself before others could.

Then God dropped these words into my heart. Beloved Brenda, You are:








I saw myself through God’s eyes. Beloved! No longer Poor Little Less Than,! No! In Christ I am Princess Quite A Lot..

Prayer-: God, help us to see and believe the truth of our inheritance, then help us to walk in it.  Amen.

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