2010 Research Unflattering For Christians

The Christian research firm The Barna Group has identified six overarching themes from its 2010 work, and many of them highlight the hard work needed by the church and individual Christians to maintain widespread relevance in postmodern American society.

Topping the list is the fact that many people, Christian and secular, are theologically illiterate. For instance, although most Americans recognize Easter as a religious holiday, a minority specifically connect it to Jesus’ resurrection.

Similarly, Christians are generally becoming more introverted and less willing to share their faith and beliefs with others. Barna writes, “As young adults have children, the prospect of them seeking a Christian church is diminishing–especially given the absence of faith talk in their conversations with the people they most trust. With atheists becoming more strategic in championing their godless worldview, as well as the increased religious plurality driven by educationand immigration, the increasing reticence of Christians to engage in faith-oriented conversations assumes heightened significance.”

The most positive trend observed is a stronger orientation – particularly on the part of young Christians – to engage in community service opportunities. Nonetheless, Barna observes that unless service is tied to strong Scriptural underpinnings, participation will likely wane.

I think Barna has some valid points here – also one of the main reasons why I enjoy writing about them because of the insight of their observations.

Do you see the same things developing in your church and community?


  1. said:

    Great blog Peter. I do see these trends, not only in our church, but with other Christians at work, and of family who are professing Christians. Only 2% have ever shared their faith. That is quite disturbing. I pray I am not at fault in teachings the Scriptures at Sunday school & in sermons. I pray we are not illiterate in the Words of Life and that we can impart them to others as easily as we know about our favorite sports teams. Wake up call! 🙂

    December 13, 2010
  2. Krysann Sedberry said:

    I do notice that Christians are less knowledgable in scripture and therefore theology… Also that we are less open in conversations. But the thing I notice most of all is that young people really are serving more and not JUST serving. From what I have seen, young people are serving with the intent to let those they serve know that it’s God’s love they are acting out. My husband and I just moved and the church we started attending is a brand new plant and all about this service – it’s exciting! Not only do these Christians want to be active servants in their community, they want to do it in Christ’s name and for His Kingdom. I really do see the beginnings of a revival – this next generation, I think, is the one so many have been praying for. i think the Spirit is moving His people. :o)

    December 14, 2010

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