2 x 4s and Sawdust

I've shared before that two of my favorite words are But God . . .

I just don't have the strength to go on, but God will get me through.

There isn't any money and we have so many bills, but God is faithful and He will provide.

In the world's eyes I am nothing, but God says I am His child and dearly loved.

I love But God!

Lately, though, God has been speaking different words to my heart.  I hear him say, but Lisa . . . 

I'm so tired of dealing with her attitude.   

But Lisa, what about your attitude?

Why do they have to complain so much? 

But Lisa, aren't you complaining right now?

I don't want to lay down my pride and serve them.  They should be serving me.  

But Lisa, I've asked you to lay down your rights and follow me.

But Lisa

 – What about the grace I have freely offered to you?

 – How many times have I forgiven you for the same sin?

 – Isn't everything you have just a gift from me, to be used for my glory?

How can you point out the sawdust in their eye when you are walking around with a 2×4 in your eye?


Just something to think about.

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