$3 Billion to Help the Unemployed Keep Their Homes

According to an Associated Press report, $3 billion of the Wall Street bailout will be going to 17 states to help unemployed people from losing their homes to foreclosure.

I'm wondering where all this will end? Our economy is looking more and more like the fallen Roman Empire's economy. The same things are happening and it didn't work for Rome, so how can we possibly think it will work for us? It won't.

The problem is the entitlement mentality. Originally, the government help was meant as a safety net, not a hammock!

Americans have slid down into the Hezekiah mentality. When Isaiah told Hezekiah all the bad things that were to happen such as all the wealth of Judah would be taken to Babylon, and that all his sons would be made eunachs, Then Hezekiah said to Isaiah, The Word of Jehovah that you have said is good. And he said, For there shall be peace and truth in my days. Isaiah 39:8

We have become the most irresponsible generation that has ever lived in the United States. In my opinion, we won't get what we deserve, our children and grandchildren will pay the crushing price of our own irresponsibility.

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