4X4 Challenge – A Counter-Cultural Revival

The 4X4 Challenge is not another monster truck race. It is a new program for evangelism.

Pastor Greg Wallace from Woodridge Baptist Church in Kingwood, Texas has developed a series of lessons and a game plan for reaching out to the lost. The concept is relatively simple. One person identifies four individuals within their community who are lost. Begin by praying for each of those people. Invest in their lives. Get to know them a little better and then invite them to church, church socials, Bible study, etc. It is the hope of the body of Christ that each one of these comes to know Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. They in turn will identify their own four lost friends and thus the challenge is paid forward and 4X4X4 keeps going until Jesus' return.

The program is growing in popularity and many churches throughout Texas are conducting 4X4 Challenge seminars. The key to remember here is that it is not door to door evangelism. This is something that everyone can do. Simply identify lost people at work, at school, at the grocery store, etc. Start praying for them. It's called interceding. Intercede for them to God on their behalf that they may be open to hearing the Gospel and will accept Jesus into their hearts. It all begins with prayer. The churches taking on the challenge are scheduling socials within the geographical area. With it now being football season, many are scheduling tailgate parties and football socials. The person who has identified a lost friend and has been praying for that friend goes one step further to invite that friend to church or the social. From there, God and the church can help to meet the individual's needs and guide them toward the greatest gift they'll ever receive, the gift of everlasting life through Jesus Christ.

There's another way to look at this though beyond the formal 4X4 Challenge outline. Identify people in need. Take time to get to know them better. Invest in a friendship with these people.Try to help meet their needs and if you can't, pray that God will meet their needs. Nothing is impossible with God. Finally, invite those that you identify to be part of your life. Plan activities with them and their family and fellowship together as often as possible as the friendship grows. These kinds of behaviors and intentional steps open a world of unimaginable opportunities to share the love of Christ with others.

For more information on the 4X4 Challenge Seminars, contact Gregg Wallace at Woodridge Baptist Church, Kingwood, Texas

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