This Week’s Top Christian Blogs

Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. Today’s 5 converge around the theme of relationships. 

Relational Biblical Ministry

Ed Welch of CCEF has an outstanding post reminding us that soulless ministry is not biblical ministry at all (compare 1 Thessalonians 2:8). Gain from his wisdom in Are We Skilled Counseling Mechanics?

Who We Are in and to Christ

Pastor Tullian Tchividjian shows that our grace relationship to Christ frees us from the obsessive pressure to perform. Learn about Our New and Exalted Identity

The Humble Sr. Pastor

Rick Howerton provides an excellent reminder that the phrase “humble Sr. Pastor” shouldn’t be an oxymoron, and that “relational mega-church pastor” shouldn’t be a contradiction in terms. Read Rick’s insights in Sr. Pastors and Wise Relational Decisions

What Seminary Leaves Out

H. B. London shares Ten Things Seminary Never Taught Me. Let’s pray that seminaries of today are doing a much better job in these ten areas. 

“I Don’t Know”

Elliot Grudem at Acts 29 reminds us of our need for humility in Why Arrogance Has No Place in Reformed Theology

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Which post impacted you the most? Why? What blog posts have you enjoyed this week that you want to share with others?

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