Change + Diligence = Infinite Possibilities

Everyone can look at themselves and find things they need to change. It may be a mindset, attitude or habit that prevents someone from reaching their full potential. No matter what the area, change is not easy. It involves a process that takes work and diligence. In addition to diligently applying the Word of God to your life, you must equip yourself with the knowledge of God to change. Many people try to avoid change because it means getting rid of things they’ve become comfortable with. However, when you make a decision to change, the effort you put into the process determines whether it actually becomes a reality in your life.

Let’s talk about diligence. Diligence is constant, earnest effort to accomplish an undertaking. It is remaining consistent at the task on which you are focusing. When you sincerely desire to change, it will require diligence in applying the principles of God’s Word. Consistently seeking Him through His Word, and continually renewing your mind, are essential steps to genuine and lasting change.

When you become a Christian your problems don’t automatically go away. In fact, because of your realization of Christ as your Savior, your challenges grow in intensity as you gain understanding about your rights, responsibilities and authority as a Believer. During these times, maintaining diligence is more important than ever.

Change takes effort and work. Simply having the desire to make changes in your life is only a start; you must see the process through. Change starts on the inside and becomes evident in your life when you respond to temptations and situations according to the Word, rather than your old way of handling them. Until you start thinking and responding differently, you haven’t truly experienced change.

Not only is it important to be diligent in seeking God for the strength to make positive changes, it’s equally as important to diligently seek the knowledge necessary to change. You can only go as far as your knowledge base will take you. If you don’t know more, you can’t do more.

In 2 Peter 1:1-10, the apostle Peter says you must have a desire to do what is right, possess knowledge and be diligent. Start by studying God’s Word, and finding out what He says about the situations you face in life and how to handle them. Learn how He wants you to respond and govern yourself in every situation. Knowing God’s standards gives you the knowledge to make the right decisions. In addition, gain more knowledge through books, tapes, seminars and mentors who can impart wisdom into your life.

One weapon Satan will use to stop you from changing is discouragement. He wants you to think you can’t change, and that it is impossible for you to let go of old mindsets and habits. Don’t believe him for a minute! Put your confidence in God and His Word. Believe what He has said about you, and know that when the knowledge of God’s Word is on the inside of you, you will be equipped to make decisions that keep you on the path to change. If you are tempted to quit, remember the decision you made to change your life. Be diligent in seeking the wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word, so it can become a reality in your life.

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