Christian College Group Before the Supreme Court

Are we going to be forced to allow Atheists to lead Bible studies, or believers in other faiths to join a Christian group for the purpose of undermining it?

In Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, a case currently before the Supreme Court, these kinds of disputes might soon be ruled upon.

What is disturbing about this case is not that people may want to join a Christian group on a basis of curiosity – I believe that we should be open to answering questions and giving welcome to those who don’t believe the same faith as us – but that Christian groups, churches and other faith-based ministries could be cowed into silence. If we have no ability to even state who we are and have freedom to meet together as a faith group, where has the freedom of religion, assembly and speech gone?

This is a fascinating case that all Christians should watch carefully, and pray that God’s wisdom prevails.

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  1. frog2006 said:

    Wow…this is very interesting. I don’t know any group that welcomes people in with the PURPOSE of undermining that group’s purpose or beliefs. It just seems so strange to expect that from Christian groups alone.

    April 22, 2010

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