Texas All-American Colt McCoy down but not out

The ratings no doubt dropped for the BCS National Championship game Thursday night after it was reported that Colt McCoy would not return to the game. But while viewership dropped, attention to Colt McCoy grew.

In marketing, it is often said that negative attention is better than no attention. It’s still attention, and therefore, advertising. So, I quickly let go of my initial anger toward those who cursed Colt on Twitter for his injury – (as if he wanted to be injured, for crying out loud.) Their negative comments about Colt only served to catapult him to a top trending topic on Twitter, and I knew this could only be good for God.

Romans 8:28 promises, “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Even in the most difficult circumstances, God is working to bring restoration to this broken world, to offer salvation to the likes of those who would curse a quarterback for being injured by the other team.

Only recently, the I Am Second campaign released Colt McCoy’s video testimony on their website. Bulletin boards and advertisements for Colt’s story abound, so much so that I saw an apparent nonbeliever tweet a reference to it. Sadly, this person sarcastically retorted that God must be punishing Colt for his participation in the campaign. You can be assured I replied.

God will use this event to strengthen Colt’s testimony. Surely not in the way Colt might have wished, but isn’t that the real story of our lives? We all want God to use our success for His glory, not our pain. But God will grow Colt in new ways through this struggle, making his faith even bolder than before and his story all the more relevant. In the end, God will be glorified.

After the game, when asked how he felt, Colt said, “I always give God the glory. I never question why things happen the way they do. God is in control of my life. And I know that if nothing else, I’m standing on the Rock.”

Injury did not stop Colt from glorifying God, or from being named the All-America Player of the Year. His influence for Christ is far from over. It has only just begun.

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  1. alwaysorange59 said:

    I am a Texas Longhorn Alumni and I could not have been prouder of the Longhorns than I was last night. They handled the situation admirably and I applaud them for their character and heart. What a team. I admire Colt McCoy for professing his faith in God. I hope he sees all the good things that people have to say. He is admired not only for the athlete he is, but for his outstanding character. Texas Proud!!!! Hook ‘Em Horns!!!!! Longhorns stand Tall.

    January 8, 2010

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