It’s Cinco de Mayo! What Does That Mean in 2010?

In looking at the calendar today, May 5th stares back, and you might initially say, “So what?”

Then, you realize it’s Cinco de Mayo, a traditional Mexican holiday which has drawn comparisons to St. Patrick’s Day in Americanizing a holiday to the point where it may be a bigger deal here than it is in the country it comes from.

Despite common beliefs, Cinco de Mayo does not represent a Mexican independence day a la July 4th. Instead it memorializes the Mexican defeat of a larger and more well-equipped French garrison at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Plenty of churches, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Wichita Falls, Texas, will celebrate.

And while you may be enjoying tacos and sipping down a Corona or margarita later today – if that is your custom – the Houston Chronicle notes that because of the rampant drug violence in Mexico and controversial new Arizona immigration law many Mexicans on both sides of the border may have a subdues holiday which they often don’t view which as much hoopla as their American counterparts in the first place.

Speaking of the Arizona law, Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver will have his team don “Los Suns” jerseys tonight in a timely and direct protest of the law during the team’s NBA Western Conference playoff game with the San Antonio Spurs.

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