Lunchtime Links: February 17, 2010

Housing construction rose by 2.8 percent in January. It is the seventh straight month of growth in the housing sector. The construction gains raised hopes that the industry is starting to sustain its recovery from its worst slump in decades.

Changes are coming to Jay Leno’s revamped “Tonight Show.” Leno’s longtime bandleader Kevin Eubanks is leaving the program, and announcer John Melendez will no longer provide voiceover for the show.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. It touches off an annual discussion about what could – and should – be given up.

The Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti has left many adults with seemingly unanswerable questions. For many children unaccustomed to the idea that a natural disaster could decimate an entire society it is even more confusing. Keeping explanations to children simple about Haiti as a country, what is happening there and relief efforts is a good first step.

The problems are piling up for Vancouver officials as criticism and condemnation arise over a series of missteps at the Winter Olympics. Ticket problems and the display of the Olympic flame are only the tip of the iceberg.

Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl announced Tuesday he will be undergoing treatment for a second battle with cancer. Karl said he a curable form of neck cancer which will cause him to miss games over the next two months, but he hopes to be back full-time when the playoffs start in April. The Nuggets are a legitimate NBA title contender, currently second in he Western Conference.

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