Lunchtime Links: January 22, 2010

The box office success of ‘Avatar’ has led at least a few people to wonder whether some of the money spent on seeing the film couldn’t be better spent on Haitian relief efforts.

Aid is reaching Haiti, but getting it to the people who need it remains a challenge.

President Obama is renewing a push for job creation with a visit to an Ohio manufacturer today.

Thursday’s Supreme Court decision giving corporations freer reign in political contributions will significantly alter the campaign finance landscape.

With a New Year comes a new emphasis on organization and clearing out old junk, whether it’s items in your house or circumstances in your life.

Tying better performance on standardized tests by students to teacher pay is putting extra money in some educators’ pockets.

Southern California is cleaning up from a week of wild week of weather which left widespread damage.

The Christian-themed film “To Save a Life” is given high marks for its positive portrayal of a teen turning his attitudes around after a childhood friend commits suicide, although how it achieves it message is somewhat uneven.

Much of the credit for the Indianapolis Colts’ high-powered offense often goes to quarterback Peyton Manning who just picked up his fourth NFL MVP award. However, first-year coach Jim Caldwell has quietly done a masterful job of managing a changing roster and being intimately involved in the details of his players’ lives.

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