Lunchtime Links: March 12, 2010

House Democrats say they are hammering out agreements on health care legislation but whether or not there are enough votes to pass the measure remains in doubt.

A Mississippi school board has decided to cancel a high school prom over a girl’s desire to bring another girl as her date to the dance.

The events surrounding disgraced Rep. Eric Massa’s exit from Congress grow thicker with allegations and sexual innuendo.

About 200 people have been arrested in the brutal attacks on Christian villagers in Nigeria last weekend. Of those arrested, 49 are facing murder charges. Up to 500 people were killed — estimates of the number of victims differ — and scores more have fled their homes since the attacks by Muslim gangs on the villages of Dogo Nahawa, Zot and Ratsat.

American Idol” is down to its Top 12 qith a quirky combination of talents.

Tiger Woods’ return to golf is imminent, but it is unclear where it will before The Masters during the first weekend of April.

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