Lunchtime Links – March 18, 2010

A Congressional Budget Office report stating proposed health care reform legislation will trim the deficit by $130 billion in the first 10 years and $1.2 trillion in the following 10 years raised prospects for possible House passage as early as this weekend.

Wal-Mart is on the defensive after someone announced Sunday over a public address system at a New Jersey store that “all blacks” needed to leave the store.

Sandra Bullock, who just won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in “The Blind Side,” has reportedly left her home with husband Jesse James after rumors of marital infidelity surfaced.

Lacey Brown was voted off “American Idol” on Wednesday to trim the field to 11 contestants.

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington admitted he made a “huge mistake” when he used cocaine and failed a Major League Baseball drug test last season.

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