Lunchtime Links: March 23, 2010

President Barack Obama has signed the landmark health care reform bill into law. Meanwhile, opponents of the new law are refusing to back down.

Former “Jon and Kate Plus 8” star Kate Gosselin made her debut on ABC’s season premiere of  “Dancing with the Stars” last night.

The once mighty community activist group ACORN has announced that it will disband on Apr. 1 due to falling revenues. The decision comes six months after video footage was releasing showing some of its workers giving tax advice to conservative activists posing as a prostitute and pimp.

A report published in the International Journal of Obesity concludes that the meal portrayed in paintings of the Last Supper over the past 1,000 years has become supersized. Researchers studied 52 paintings from the past millenium and concluded that the portion sizes portrayed in those paintings grew from 23 to 69 percent. Some dismiss the study as “not very meaningful science.”

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