Survey shows fuzziness over Tim Tebow pro-life ad

The airing of the Focus of the Family advertisement showing Tim and Pam Tebow during the Super Bowl left many viewers confused as to the pro-life intent of the commercial.

A Barna Group survey taken in the days following the Feb. 7 game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts showed that clear majorities of neither pro-choice nor pro-life viewers found the ad offensive. About half of viewers were aware that the content leaned toward a pro-life position on abortion, but other views such as the general importance of family and health care were also reflected in respondents’ remarks.

“In terms of the execution and reaction of the Tebow Super Bowl spot, the results are a mixed bag,” commented David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, which independently funded and conducted the study. “On the positive side, it was widely viewed and remarkably well received, even among those who hold fundamental differences of opinion on abortion with the pro-life sponsors, Focus on the Family.  The downside from the standpoint of the commercial’s sponsors is sure to be that the main message and organization behind the ad were lost to a majority of viewers.”

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