Teen Reaches Out To Remember Holocaust Victims Online

Do a quick word association.

Put together the words “teenager” and “Internet.”

What do you come up with?


Parental blocking tools?

Justin Bieber?

One thought which probably wouldn’t come to mind naturally is “Holocaust.”

That, however, is precisely how Zak Kolar of Naperville, Ill., sees it. The 14-year old has created a Website and database for Holocaust victims so they can be prayed for by name.

Zak is Jewish, an active member of his synagogue and part of one of the last generations who will have face-to-face contact with Holocaust survivors.

Prayers for those suffering from genocide transcends faith boundaries and the importance of the Holocaust for the lessons it teaches needs to be a staple of world history classes for generations to come. Along those lines, a 2004 documentary entitled “Paper Clips” gives a phenomenal illustration of how a small Tennessee town with deep Christian roots reached out to Holocaust survivors in unbelievable ways. It’s a must-watch even if you aren’t an educator.

Zak Kolar probably doesn’t need the documentary, however, to teach him the importance of the Holocaust or the universal language of faith – prayer.

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  1. Junix Ronquillo said:

    Indeed very few of us now remember the holocaust and there even less who have heard of it. It is very pleasant to hear that there young people out there who never forgets. God bless you!

    April 14, 2010

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