Finding Hope in God’s Word When Life Gets You Down

I can recall advice that my first pastor gave to his congregation over 30 years ago. Today, I realize that information, advice and wisdom was instilled within me for more than one reason. Yes, I was spoonfed the knowledge that I would need for many years to come. Knowledge that would help me when I was adrift on the stormy sea of life, when the enemy sought to devour me, and when I felt that the trials every day life would consume me. The knowledge I gained was not from a magic book of cures, or from a paid professional, it came from the word, the Bible and was delivered by a spirit filled preacher with love and compassion for his congregation.

Pastor Cecil preached and taught with passion, love, sincerity, and desire for his flock, his congregation. Little did I know then that he was preparing me for many battles ahead, while also filling me with wisdom that I would later use to help others. This knowledge was also helping me to grow as a person and Christian, and helping me build a solid foundation so that I would be able to withstand the storms of life, while also basking in the joys of encouragement that the word filled my life with everyday.

I remember devouring and consuming the word with such hunger when I gave my life to the Lord, allowing the words to seed within my heart, generating a harvest that I could return to and reap from, feeding myself for strength when necessary. As joys and pleasures filled my life, so did the heartaches, devastations and confusions that we all face in life. There were times when I had to rely upon my own desires and help from the Lord to wade through the mud of life, to make the right decisions, to overcome fears, to choose a path…and to just survive. I recall asking for help at the midnight hour when I couldn’t seem to find my way through one of life’s trials. I needed an answer. I cried out to the Lord from the depths of my heart…and in the middle of the night the Lord reminded me of His word that Pastor Cecil had preached all those years ago. Clearly the following words rang out in my mind and heart; When you’ve done all that you know to do, just stand. I searched my heart and mind…Yes, I had done all that I knew to do…so I would do just what the word said, I would stand, wait and expect the Lord to move in the situation at hand. The wait seemed long, it wasn’t easy, but soon the answer came at just the right time. Through obedience and patience I gained strength and a testimony that I would use and continue to use to help myself as well as others.

Remember when the weights of life have you down…there is hope in His word, look up with and open heart and mind for an answer.

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.

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