Three interesting ministries for the New Year

Over the course of the year we have reported on and printed information from dozens of ministries and non-profits.

A few stick out because of their creativity and relevancy. By no means is it meant as disrespectful toward the great work often done very quietly by the many people who serve others out of faith.

In no particular order:

  1. Hydromissions International: The ministry is run by a South Carolina couple, Steve and Jennifer Lorch, designed to bring water projects to the developing world. One interesting aspect is their business model, which sells well-drilling equipment on the side to fund the ministry so all donations go directly toward well projects and not he equipment itself.
  2. Crescent Project: Fouad Masri has an interesting perspective on Christian-Muslim relations. Having grown up in the war-torn Beirut of the 1980s, Masri has lived first-hand the political and religious strife that tears cultures apart. His ministry, the Crescent Project, works with educating and empowering Christians to better understand Islam and given them the tools to speak to Muslims about what being a Christian means.
  3. With This Ring: This Southern California ministry takes donations of people’s jewelry and sells it to fund water projects in West Africa. Ali Eastburn started the ministry looking at her own collection of jewelry and thought of how other might use it for a greater purpose.

Any ministry suggestions you would like to mention are welcomed.

Happy New Year.

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