Tim Tebow’s pro-life Super Bowl ad lives on in health care debate

Let’s admit it – many of us just watch the Super Bowl for the ads, and this year was no different, especially with a much-talked-about pro-life commercial funded by Focus on the Family and featuring the true story of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam.

Now Life News, a pro-life organization that heavily promoted Tebow’s ad, are using their Facebook site to encourage Christians to oppose the pro-abortion language in the current health care bill. A hot debate continues over health care reform, but more Christians are becoming increasingly aware of the ethical issues involved in a pro-abortion health reform, so pro-life groups are trying to make sure that the “no-mentum” trend continues.

Polls range anywhere from 48-55% of Americans oppose health care reform as it’s currently being voted on, and Christians especially have serious concerns. Our country is deep in debt, and many people are concerned about the cost of health care overhaul, on top of concerns about care rationing and abortion funding. With so many people in our nation divided over these issues, and with publicly-funded abortions still on the table, our leaders would be wise to consider starting over and listening to the people on this issue.

After all, don’t they have power by the consent of the governed? And shouldn’t we be reminding them of what’s important to us, instead of the other way around? As I’ve written before, there’s a difference between making a fuss just to be problematic and standing firm on our convictions. In this instance, the lives of millions of unborn babies are worth standing firm for.

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