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Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. 

Today’s Five to Live By is a special “Elephant Room 2” (ER2). If you don’t know what ER2 is, or even if you do, keep reading… 

ER2 Intro Video

See for yourself what the ER2 says about itself in this 3 minute Video Introduction.  

Preliminary Thoughts on ER2

Trevin Wax will be blogging about ER2. In this post, he provides Preliminary Thoughts on the Elephant Room including some timely updates about the situation as it relates to The Gospel Coalition

Read All About It! Live Blog Sessions by Trevin Wax

Extra, extra, read all about it in these live blog sessions posted by Trevin Wax. 

Blog Summaries from Mark Driscoll’s Site

ER2 participant, Pastor Mark Driscoll’s site posted summaries of each session. Read them here: 

On the Eve of ER2 

On the eve of ER2, host pastor James MacDonald announced his resignation from The Gospel Coalition. Read his thoughts and how they relate to ER2 in Why I Resigned from The Gospel Coalition.  

Tim Keller and Don Carson, founding leaders of TGC, respond briefly to Pastor MacDonald’s resignation in James MacDonald Resigns from TGC.

Dan Philips at his “Biblical Christianity” blog site shares his very strong assessment of the resignation in Even Better Than the Race Card.  

Join the Conversation

In the coming days and weeks, much more will be written on the Net about ER2. What are your thoughts?

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