Adam Lambert Should Easily Beat Kris Allen for ’American Idol’ Title

This contest between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen for the American Idol title Tuesday night should be cut and dry.

Adam has a far superior range and mature voice. In my many years of performing and observing good singers, Adam is not just good, he is great.

I was surprised Kris made it to the Top 3. He looks good with a guitar. Most of all, his advantage is his appeal to the kids and his geographic location.

When Adam returned to San Diego for his hometown visit, the local natives had more things to do in the sun and fun of California than show their support.

However, Kris had tens of thousands of supporters show up, with many screaming little girls who can text message their votes faster that most adults can strike the redial button. He’s coming from a small town in Arkansas which is out to place their home town superstar on the map.

Adam has the goods and should win hands down. He has my vote.

Adam’s fans can’t be complacent and just assume it’s a done deal. Unless his supporters can diligently call in with multiple votes, this could be a mammoth upset!


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  1. I’m surprised that you would vote for him. Kris is a worship leader in a Christian church. He’s talented and gets my support.

    May 20, 2009

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