Are We Pilate?

Pilate wanted to do the right thing; he really did. Just look at the number of times he tried to get Jesus off the hook.

1 – Do it yourselves. (John 18:31-32)

2 – It’s your problem, not mine! (Luke 23:6-7)

3 – Let the crowd decide. (Mark 15:11-12)

4 – I can’t find any problem with him. (John 18:38)

However, Pilate didn’t have enough gumption when it came right down to it. He knew the right thing to do but just didn’t have the courage to follow through.

Now we have to ask ourselves where our gumption is. What would we have done if we were Pilate? Are we a Pilate in some area of our lives? Where are we lacking the courage to take action? Has our common sense deserted us?

Prayer – Oh Father God , may we never be  Pilate in any area of our lives. For Christ. Amen

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