Are Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers On Path Of Destiny?

OK, if there is anyone out there who legitimately had the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants penciled in for the 2010 World Series back in April, please let me and our Everyday Christian readers know.

While video proof isn’t necessary, I suppose, if you did make that pick I’d love an investment tip or two while you’re at it. Also feel free to share who you did think would be in the Fall Classic about to begin. My guess was the Cardinals and the Rays. Um, yeah, that was close.

At any rate, if you missed the end of Game 6 of the American League Championship Series on Friday night where the Rangers leveled another blistering offensive barrage on the defending champion New York Yankees, Josh Hamilton was named the series’ Most Valuable Player.

We have written before about Hamilton’s commitment to Christ, also summarized well in a blog shared with us by Everyday Christian reader David Rupert. After the game Hamilton celebrated his sobriety by guzzling ginger ale amid champagne-spraying teammates.

Most notable, though, is how when presented the award on a stage in the middle of the infield that Hamilton praised his faith in Jesus Christ before talking about the exceptional performance of his teammates.

While such an outward show of faith might not be a surprise from Hamilton, it should be viewed as welcome and refreshing nonetheless.

As for the World Series itself, two quick points to make – and feel free to comment on either of these:

  1. Don’t complain that San Francisco and Texas are in the World Series instead of uber-market teams like the Yankees, Red Sox or Dodgers. Having different teams at the top is good for a sport and reminds us to appreciate how difficult it is to string together two or three titles for a sports dynasty when it does happen. As for the two cities being “small markets,” if memory serves I don’t remember too many people complaining when 49ers and Cowboys met numerous times for one of the NFL’s best rivalries in the ’80s and ’90s.
  2. The Giants will win in six games. How can I say that after heaping praise on Hamilton? Pitching, pitching and pitching. Beyond the incredible consistency that is Cliff Lee at the top of the Rangers’ rotation, Texas cannot match the depth of San Francisco’s starting rotation. This is an advantage the Giants would have had against the Yankees, too. Additionally, the Giants’ bullpen is deep and can come after lefties and righties with similar precision. Then again, I thought St. Louis and Tampa would be here to begin with…


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