As we ’remake’ America, are we losing our freedoms?

David Letterman can use 18-year-old Bristol Palin's unplanned pregnancy as comedy material, and I don't have to watch his show. The writers and directors of “Land of the Lost” can use Jesus Christ's willingness to die on a cross out of his love for mankind as comedy material, and I can spread my disdain so that others might not waste their money on a movie ticket like I did. Safeway can display posters celebrating Gay Pride month, and I can email the company president to express my opinion and shop somewhere else if I choose.

We live in a free country.

I am free to respond to others' freedom of expression. My actions are a result of my belief system, just as everyone else's are. Those who believe that it is right and good to make fun of an unwed teenager who got pregnant, and degrade her in front of millions, probably got a good laugh out of Letterman's comments. I do not believe it is right or good to make fun of others when they aren't laughing, so I didn't find Letterman's comments very funny. I believe I should value words that bring glory to God and build up other people, not tear them down.

But, we live in a free country. We are free to believe as we want and to act as we please, within the limits of the law.

Like many others, I am a concerned citizen of this great country, and I am also a Christian. Just as God respects the freedoms He has given man–even the freedom to choose not to follow Him–I must respect those same freedoms. But respecting someone else's freedoms does not in turn restrict my own. I have freedom of opinion–opinion that is formed from a biblical worldview. I also have freedom to speak and act based on my opinion, and to embrace the consequences that follow whether good or bad.

There are many organizations who wish to silence the religious, many who feel religion's place is only in a house of worship, and only on Sundays. Speaking God's name in public is almost taboo these days, unless doing so helps to express anger or fuel laughter. While those on the far left can get away with saying just about anything, conservatives and Christians are quickly criticized, even reprimanded, for opening their mouths. Carrie Prejean, now the former Miss California, is a timely example. Many attempt to bully those that hold to traditional values, so that contemporary thought will guide and govern America down a more liberal road.

Our freedoms today are being challenged, as is our very identity. Our country's uniqueness for over 200 years has been wrapped up in its freedom. In his inauguration speech, President Barack Obama said, “Starting today we must begin the work of remaking America.” Remake means to make again. But just like a person remarried doesn't necessarily include the same spouse, so a nation remade doesn't necessarily include the same standards. Over time, is it possible we may remake America as a nation with such a different identity that it is separated from freedoms previously enjoyed?

It is each citizen's responsibility to help direct the footsteps of America by staying informed, voting his or her conscience, speaking our minds, and taking appropriate actions. Christian Americans are no exception. Even though our opinions may not always be popular, or even welcome, we must stand up, step forward and speak out for righteousness. We live in a free country. Let's join the rest of America and act like it.

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  1. golougo1 said:

    Although our beliefs may be different, and though I may be a gay man, I respect your opinions and agree with you on quite a few of these apsects. You seem to me to be an intellegent example of a true Christian and you should be proud! America was founded on freedoms of choice much as the Bible states God gave us each a choice. It is when that choice is taken away that we must rethink the direction in which we are going. I appreciate you for being a great American and for upholding your beliefs.

    July 4, 2009

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