At a Snail’s Pace

Kathy Butryn recently blogged about the joy of the handwritten note and kindly let me share her comments with you.

A personal note, (now known as snail mail!) is a way for me to show gratitude and love to another. It reminds me that the act of writing a personal note moves me to the side-lines of my hurried life to think about someone else and to serve them with the kindness of my words. It reminds me that a personal note brings joy to the receiver.

I was the recipient of that joy not long ago. It was a simple card filled with words that I needed to hear right at that time! They were words God used to strength my heart to keep-on-pressing-on. That small card reminded me of the power of a hand-written note. Hand-written notes are as rare as stationary stores these days. Let’s change that.

We may not be able to do great things for one another, but we can show our love and care for our friends, with the scribble of a pen.

Just as Jesus said, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.” (John 15:12, KJV)

Prayer – Lord, who in my life, needs an encouraging note today? Amen

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