Designed By God

I share a story today, from a craft perspective, over on my personal blog, Park Avenue. It’s the tale of this ratty, worn, and tattered shirt that is my husband’s absolute favorite shirt to hang around the house in. Some time ago, it developed a gaping hole in the front and I was sure that it could be destined for the rag pile. But I underestimated my husband’s affection for this garment and instead received a request to repair it. I used my fancy new sewing machine and my limited skill to fashion a heart-shaped patch (I’m a woman, what do you expect?) and restore the shirt to its glory.

Of course, I took photos to document the process, as every good crafter and DIY-er does. While editing the photos, something caught my eye and my brain would not let go of it. There on the tag of this well over 15 year-old shirt, was this: “Very Well Made in Hong Kong.”

I kept thinking about how we are that shirt. The Bible says “I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14, NASB). We have been fashioned by the ultimate of designers, made with the highest quality, and placed here to worship our Creator. But time goes by, we let the world in, our own sin tears us apart, we become worn out and comfortable like that shirt, and we stop seeking the heart of the very One who made us. The Creator has all of the materials to replace us with a newer, less tattered version, but he doesn’t. Instead, He lovingly holds us in His hands, fashions a God-sized, heart-shaped patch, mends our brokenness, and restores us to be the creation that He fashioned us to be.

The next time that you reach into your closet, whether for a ratty old, comfortable shirt or for your Sunday best, remember that the one who wears it has been “ fearfully and wonderfully made” by a designer whose ability to create is unparalleled by any other. I've never been into fashion or designer labels, but the label of child of God is one I will gladly bear.




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