Because He Lives: Reflections On 2010

We can look at this year, 2010, and say that this was the year that was! Indeed, it has been chock full of news events, good, bad, and ugly. It has been a time of personal trials and joys, growth and loss.

We can look back on the passage and continuing debate of the health care law. We had to “pass the bill before we can see what's in the bill.” Priceless!

We witnessed the entrapment and rescue of the miners from Chile. Tense days, for sure, though we were amazed at the perseverance and resilience of the human spirit. Then, as we watched the miners being brought up to the surface, most of us were sitting on the edge of our seats, hoping and praying for 100% success. And it was, and that was because many came together and worked for a shared cause, to obtain a good end. It was a miracle!

We saw continued tragedy in the small country of Haiti, as relief efforts have been stalled time and time again. Then news that cholera has taken the lives of many more people, and the suffering seems to be unending. But efforts are still in process to bring relief.

We have seen an alarming increase in murder in our society. Men, women and children disappear and then are later found dead. Sometimes the perpetrator is found, sometimes not. We wait and watch once an announcement of another missing person is made, hoping against hope that we will see a happy ending. And we did in one case recently, where the young girl was found bound and gagged but alive. However, her family was not so fortunate, as they were all found dead and dismembered. Good with the bad.

Facebook has just been declared the winner in the 'social networking' world. Most of us are on that site now, and while it can be a good experience, we must still be wary of those who would use it for evil purposes. For me, it has been a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and my church. And while I am happy with it, I am still cautious and careful about who I am “friends” with!

Elizabeth Edwards passed away after a long battle with cancer earlier this month. She was a devoted mother who had suffered the loss of her 16 year old son several years ago in an auto accident. But she still embraced life and became involved in her husband's political career. This lady faced not only a battle with cancer, but she survived the political and personal fallout caused by her husband's infamous infidelity. She was strong and courageous to the end, and is a great example of standing for and by what is right and good, and the strength of family.

My friend lost her precious son in Afghanistan in November. Her heart is broken, but she now is praying for and assisting other troops and their families. She cries easily, but is full of hope for war's end. Her tragedy has deeply hurt all of us, and me personally, as I am a military mom too. This year saw my son come home safe and sound. And it saw her son come home in a different manner. Both are heroes nonetheless.

As we consider this year in retrospect, let's also look forward to the New Year, with it's unknowns and it's opportunities. We can make decisions, or resolutions, to change ourselves, and our circumstances. We may decide to make a job change, or move, or take up new hobbies. Or we may decide to become community minded, and run for office. We may take the tack that we need to simplify our lives, and make time for God, for family, and friends.

Whatever changes we face, we must remember the one thing we need to keep with us always, taking it with us from the Old Year into the New Year….our faith.

For it is by faith alone that we survive, we grow, we prosper, we live. And because Jesus is the Heart of our faith, I know that because He lives, I can face tomorrow!'

In each of the news events I listed above, God was there. He was there with those who faced loss, whether it be their lives or something else. He was there during the miner's entrapment, and during their rescue. He is there when murder is committed. He is there when a soldier dies. He is there when things are good and when things are bad. He is always there; He is always here.

We know not what is coming. Some good, some bad, some ugly. But it IS coming. So let's usher in this New Year with grace, trust, and thanksgiving. Give God His due for seeing us through thus far, and for giving us all we need to move forward through the days, months and years ahead, until the day He comes to take us home.


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  1. kimkey01 said:

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    January 1, 2011
  2. stanJames said:

    I am thrilled that Jesus commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself is coming true in another social issue. DC got marriage equality for gay people, giving the USA 5 states and DC as doing the right thing as we are commanded. In latin America, we now have Argentina, Columbia and Mexico with marriage equality for gay people. Equador, Uruguay and most of Brazil with civil partnerships. In Europe, Ireland now has civil partnerships. Iceland voted 49-0 to allow marriage equality for their gay citizens. Portugal has marriage equality. All in all in western Europe only Italy and greece do not grant gay people the civil contract rights of marriage. And about a dozen other countries, including Israel, Repub of South Africa etc do the same. Bringing us closer to Jesus commandment to all of us

    January 2, 2011

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