Become as Little Children

A very touching true story was also about a young boy.  This boy showed the trusting faith and deep love that is unconditional in children.  He knew that his older sister was very sick and she needed to receive a blood transfusion very soon and since her blood type was extremely rare, only her brother's blood type would help.  The boy's father asked him if they could use his blood to help his sister. The boy thought for just a few seconds and then, said yes.  When the boy was lying down next to his sister and seeing his blood being removed from his body and being transferred to a machine that would used for his sister, tears started coming out of his eyes. His parents seeing the boy's tears asked if he was okay.  The boy ask his parents, “Will I see you in heaven?” The father said, “Yes, son, some day”.  The boy said, “I will miss you.”  His father said, “Son you’re not going anywhere.  You‘re still young“.  The boy then said, “I thought you died when your blood is gone”.  It was then that the father realized that his son thought he was going to give all of his blood to his sister and then die.  After hearing this, both of parents began crying and the father said, “Son, you're not going to die….they are only going to take some of your blood.”  

The boy understood that once all of his blood was gone that he would die, yet he still willingly gave his blood to save his sister and please his parents. This was the reason that they boy hesitated for a while when the parents had asked him if he could give his blood to help his sister.  Not knowing the fact that the boy would only have to give some of his blood, and thinking that he was going to give all of his blood, he was still willing to gave it – and give his life for his sister.  The boy naturally thought that once all of his blood was gone that he would die and that explained why he cried silently while he gave blood.  He was thinking that he wouldn't see his family for a long time – and that is the reason why he had asked them if he would see them in heaven.  The boy was still willing to give his life for his sister but he wanted to make sure that he would see them in heaven some day.

How touching and how very precious is the unconditional love of children – and this boy in particular.  This boy had a child-like faith and trust in his parents who had told him that if he believed in and had faith in Jesus Christ, that he would go to heaven.  That is why Jesus said that we have to have this same child-like trust, faith, and belief in Him in order to be saved.  That type of love is close to Jesus’ unconditional love for us.  He has such a passionate  desire to save us that He died for us. Likewise, we must come to Jesus in humble obedience, in trust, and have faith in Him.  The way in which we share the Gospel with children involves the faith and trust that the boy had – we believe in the only One Who can save.   Believe in Him and anyone can be saved (Acts 16:30-31).  Once a person is saved they can be sure they are saved (John 10:8-29).  He never breaks His promise.  Its not what we do, but what He has done (John 3:16).  Any that come to Him as a little child in complete trust, faith, and full assurance will be saved (Acts 4:12, Matt 18:2-4).

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