Between your Mug and Mine

When I looked for a definition of a mug, I generally got something like this. A heavy cylindrical drinking cup usually having a handle. But we often use it like this:

They’re out to beat up the harmless, or mug a nice man walking his dog.

(Psalm 37:15, MSG)

In street language, we use it to describe one’s face, a police mug shot, a criminal or someone with a funny expression.  Today I am going to give you a recipe for your mug!

Brownie in a Mug (or a Bowl)

¼ cup sugar (or another sweetener)

¼ cup flour

2 tbsp cocoa

¼ teaspoon salt

2 tbsp oil

1 ½ tbsp water

1 egg

Mix well and microwave 1-2 minutes until cooked through. Enjoy

I give you this because Christmas is coming and you might need some chocolate to sustain you!

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.

(Psalm 55:221, NIV)

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