Bible ministry seeks to expand reach in Sri Lanka

An international Bible distribution ministry is working to extend its reach to the war-torn island nation of Sri Lanka. Faith Comes by Hearing is teaming up with partners such as the Ceylon Bible Society to bring the Bible to Tamil-speaking refugees and citizens of Sri Lanka. The island nation’s 26-year-old civil war ended in May with the defeat of the Tamil Tigers rebel group. Faith Comes by Hearing is looking to update its Tamil version of the New Testament for distribution to the country. “The recording team will re-record the Tamil Audio Bible using indigenous voices,” said Doug Harstine, regional manager for Faith Comes by Hearing.. “The current recording was voiced by Indians because of the lack of access to the Tamil region. Now, the Word of God will be in their dialect, and Tamil people will be more open to the Scriptures.” “Conditions in Sri Lanka are difficult right now — closed roads, unsanitary living conditions and lack of resources,” Harstine said. “There is great need, especially for food. Relief organizations and Faith Comes By Hearing partners, like the Ceylon Bible Society, are assessing which regions have the most damage. The rebel-held areas, which were once closed and heavily guarded, will be open again soon.” During this time of rebuilding comes a rebuilding of faith. “The people are ready for the message of hope that comes from God’s Word,” he said. “We’re working with the Ceylon Bible Society to distribute Audio Bibles in those refugee camps.” Links: Faith Comes by Hearing: Ceylon Bible Society:

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